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Dr Comma’s journey began over a few years when Dr Kim met a Hong Kong girl who was suffering from sensitive skin problem. She couldn’t find effective skincare products which are made with safe, natural, high-quality ingredients to make skin looked and felt great.

With a background in medicine, Dr Kim worked with skin experts and cosmetics research & development experts. They poured their heart into creating hypoallergenic skincare products for her. She was so impressed by the healing products designed by Dr Kim and she gained the health of her skin back. She had a whole new level of confidence in her skin after using these healing and effective products.

One day she thought, “Many people are suffering skin problems in the world, why not share these amazing products with more people?” - That’s how Dr Comma was born!

Everyone deserves a doctor Oppa to love your skin! Through all of our fine products, you can experience the scientifically proven comfort that the Dr Comma brand provides. Dr Comma is ready to give you an everlasting beauty!